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I am Megan Wheeler. I was introduced to the world of dogs when I was about 13.I had my start with Bouvier des Flandres. I was a successful Junior handler using Can/Am Int Ch. Brocade's Pavarotti owned by Janice and Sandra Brind who supported my juniors forays whether it be a ride, a place to stay or even (usually) financing entry fees.

I bred one litter of Bouviers under the Kashyyyk prefix out of that litter I finished one Canadian Champion, Ch Kashyyyk's The Lustful.


I introduced my husband, Rob into the dog sport when we became a couple in 2000.


Rob and I owned Bouviers up until 2008. Our start in Dobermans came when we were on the verge of losing our oldest Bouv we decided to add a Doberman puppy from a litter bred by Kim Boucher of Jurassik Dobermans in Alberta, whom we named "Gary. Sadly we lost our last two Bouviers within months of each other.


Thankfully we had Gary, he helped us recover from our loss and made us realize we could not be without a Doberman! We decided we wanted to focus our efforts in purebred dog sport on this particular breed.


Our next Dobe, Calais came to us from Cherie and Garry Holmes of Holmrun Dobermans, and we were thoroughly impressed with her ability to produce .We were extremely lucky to acquire her for her excellent pedigree and devoted companionship.


We have changed our prefix to Ka-tet which means family and is a name we find appropriate for this loyal breed.


All of the dogs we use for breeding are tested thoroughly. hips, elbows, heart, thyroid as well as eyes are screened for any congenital or heredity illnesses .



All our dogs are an important part of our family therefore we only have a few dogs that live in our home. We are located in South Surrey, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.


We are dedicated to breeding sound, healthy dogs that can compete in all venues or be a cherished family pet. What started out as a simple admiration evolved into a passion for this amazing breed!




Ka-tet is the belief that a group of people or animals can be tied together by fate, or ka. "Ka-tet" means family.



Ka-tet Dobermans



 I was offered the use of Can/Am Int Ch. Brocade's Pavarotti as a Juniors dog by Janice and Sandra Brind 

Pav and I did well together and ended up in the BC Provisionals our last year of juniors.



We take the utmost care in selecting the dogs for our breeding program. We breed for temperament, health and conformation.
Ka-tet puppies are sold on contracts, with health guarantees. We offer our knowledge and guidance throughout the life of your dog.
Puppies sold to pet homes are sold on non invasive co-ownerships. We sell show puppies to approved homes, they are all sold on co-ownerships and remain such until show and/or  breeding commitments are fulfilled.
Our dogs are tested for von Willebrand disease ,screened for Cardiomyopathy by Dr.Meurs' test, holter monitored, cerf'ed annually and are OFA certified for hip and elbow dysplasia and have had liver bile acid tested before breeding. 

We are dedicated to breeding sound, healthy dogs that can compete in all venues or be a cherished family pet.






In South Surrey

Tel:  778-545-8085

Mobile: 604-837-2593

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